We are the Civil Service Stammering Network. 

We are a group of civil servants from across the UK who want to champion the needs of stammerers and encourage the Civil Service to provide support throughout people’s careers, regardless of grade or department.  Some of us stammer, some of don’t. We welcome allies who have experience of stammering or simply want to understand more. Our membership is open to everyone in the UK Civil Service.

Stammering is a complex condition that occurs in 1% of the adult population across the world. Based on this, we estimate that 4,000 civil servants stammer. We want to make sure that everyone who stammers in the Civil Services reaches their full potential and is able to bring their whole self to work.

In 2015, the Civil Service joined the British Stammering Association’s Employers Stammering Network (ESN). Originally a paid membership programme, now it’s a free network which provides civil servants, as both employers and employees, with easy access to information about stammering, including the use of the British Stammering Association’s helpline, and guidance on best practice and tips on how to talk about stammering.

Stammering is a complex neurological disorder that is often misunderstood. A stammer can affect each person in very different ways and at different times in their life and career. The Civil Service is committed to supporting everyone at all grades to feel confident to express themselves, regardless of fluency. By supporting stammerers, we can improve our communications culture across all departments and show it’s the quality of what you have to say, not how you say it, that matters.

Philip Rutnam, Civil Service Disability Champion

Get in touch

If you’re a civil servant and would like to understand how the Civil Service Stammering Network or our membership of the Employers Stammering Network (ESN) could help you or a colleague, please get in touch.

Our membership and moderation policy

This site and social media groups are designed to be a safe place to share experiences, provide support and share information. If you’d like to join the Facebook group simply send a membership request or join our Slack channel here. We’ll check you’ve got a UK Civil Service gov.uk email address before we add you.

Being open about a stammer can be really difficult – many of our members haven’t felt able to disclose their condition at work before joining this group. So please be respectful and keep this an inclusive and supportive online space. We will moderate comments before they are published.

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