Our network

We have a network of ambassadors who can answer questions or connect people with information or support in their department or agency. 

General Registry Office
John Stevenson works at the General Registry Office in Southport and is a covert stammerer.

Damian Trower works in Portcullis House Glasgow.  He has stammered since childhood and usually on ‘plosive’ sounds (d, p, t) and occasional glottal (c, g). He doesn’t avoid speaking situations and has leant to be kind to himself when he stammers.

Thomas Sharp graduated in 2000 and has had various roles in the Civil Service. He is currently working for HMRC in a public facing role.

HM Treasury
Tim Henretty has worked in a number of Civil Service departments over the last ten years and has stammered since early childhood.

Home Office (Immigration)
Richard Roaf developed his stammer late in life (into his 30s) after several epileptic attacks.

Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Michael Fletcher works for the Intellectual Property Office and is based in Newport, South Wales. He has an overt stammer sometimes severe and is also the Chair of the BEIS Stammering Network. He is an active graduate of the McGuire Programme and happy to connect with anyone wanting to practice the techniques.

Paul Barrett joined the civil service after completing postgraduate studies in science. He has enjoyed almost 20 years in a range of interesting roles including air quality, flood management, nuclear resilience and running a Defra Innovation Centre. He has stammered since childhood and now manages his covert stammer.

Department of Education
Betony Kelly is based in London and heads up Behaviour Change for the DfE transformation programme. She has recently started to be more open about her stammer, is Co-Chair of the Civil Service Stammering Network and sits on the Employers Stammering Network leadership group.

Ministry of Defence
Walter Scott is the co-founder of the Defence Stammering Network and has stammered since early childhood.

The National Archives / Department of Culture, Media and Sport
Andrew Janes is a registered archivist and has been a member of the British Stammering Association for many years.

Department for Work and Pensions
Angela Morgan works in the Essex Business Assurance Team in Southend-on-Sea. She has a covert stammer but has recently started being open about it.